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Kaizen-office "Umalat" to professional and personal growth of employees
In early September, a team of manufacturer fresh cheeses "Umalat" moved to a modern office on Leninsky Prospekt. New facility combines a comfortable and functional working area, a relaxation area and a sports hall with a "smart" machines Pendex.
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The company "Umalat" - producer of fresh Italian cheeses and the Caucasus, completed the move to a new office on Leninsky Prospekt. In the new space with an area of 616 m2 are members of the financial and commercial departments, departments of marketing and logistics, Department of work with clients, accounting and HR Department.

"Umalat" all around the adheres of the Kaizen approach to continuous improvement of production processes, management and all processes in life. Moving to a new office due to the need to increase work space for a growing workforce and improve conditions of work: there is a unique gym with a "smart" exercise equipment, Pendex, and a relaxation room.

In the break room every employee "Umalat" can work alone and recuperate for productive work. Here you can not negotiate and just to communicate — it is necessary to maintain maximum audio deprivation and create a comfortable atmosphere. Visiting the quiet relaxation room will help employees to maintain a stable emotional background and improve performance.

Simulators Pendex is designed for comfortable and balanced development of the human body. In each of the 12 simulators built artificial intelligence system that analyzes a person's physical status and develops a unique exercise program. On special display training goals and progress. During sports in these simulators special attention is paid to six factors: the quality and smoothness of motion, balance, symmetry, accuracy of executions of the exercises and strength. This allows you to safely and effectively train yourself in any physical training. Regular and reasonable exercise will help to improve the health of office staff.

— "Umalat" — a dynamic company, we are constantly growing both in quantitative and qualitative indicators: in July at our plant in Sevsk, Bryansk oblast, has opened a new mocarelli shop, through which we will increase the production of cheese Mozarella group in 2.5 times. No less important component of social responsibility, caring for the environment: in the autumn we will launch a second phase of treatment facilities that will convert the wastewater plant and the city of Sevsk in clean water. We care about the environment and working conditions of our employees and in Sevsk, and in Moscow, — said the founder of "Umalat" Alex Martynenko.

Guide "Umalat" seeks to make the work in the company as comfortable as possible and inspire staff to excellence. It creates all conditions for productive work teams. In addition, this approach to work and physical activity correspond to the concept of wellness (comfortable) lifestyle, which is part of the philosophy Unagrande brand Italian cheese company "Umalat"

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