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Cherkizovo group has opened a new pig farm in the Penza region
Cherkizovo group, Russia's largest producer of meat products, launched in the Penza region the sixth pig farm in the presence of the Governor Ivan Belozertseva. The company plans to open in the region and about 40 pig breeding sites.
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On Friday, the Group "Cherkizovo" has opened the sixth pig farm in the Penza region is a strategic issue for the region for the development of the pig business. The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev. Previous pig was launched in the region in June of this year.

Pig-breeding complexes Cherkizovo group in Penza region include the combined area of the rearing-fattening with a capacity of 5 100 tons of pork a year in live weight. Investment in the launch of such a platform are more than 550 million rubles. Every pig farm can accommodate over 20 thousand heads at a time, and in the year – up to 40 thousand commodity pigs.

According to the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertseva, he left a very positive impression from the inspection of the new complex "Cherkizovo". "Investor fulfills the terms of our agreement, works very efficiently, even ahead of schedule", - said the head of the region.

"Penza region is a reference region for the Group "Cherkizovo". Here are all kinds of our business - growing, poultry farming, pig breeding, feed production and meat processing. We thank the Governor and his team, the government of the region for their support with which we were able to achieve today's result," - said in his speech, the head of the Department for investment projects of Group "Cherkizovo" Mr Izmailov.

As previously reported, the founder of Cherkizovo Group Igor Babaev, the company is considering the possibility of opening in the Penza region of 40 pig farms. These plans can be implemented with the support of the administration of the region, the allocation of land for construction. According to Igor Babayev, a project of such magnitude is associated with expectations that within five to seven years of the Penza region will pork production volume of 300 thousand tons.

The combined implementation of all investment projects of the Group in the Penza region will enable the region to take a leading position in the Volga Federal district for the production of pork and to become a leader among Russian regions by volumes of export of non-oil products. Cherkizovo hopes to soon receive Russian companies access to the supply of pork to the Chinese market. In the spring of 2019, the Russian manufacturers have begun to supply poultry meat to China, but now due to the spread of ASF in the country there is an increased demand for pork. According to various experts, the disease can lead to a reduction of its own production of pork in China to 30-50%.

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