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Within the XXV European veterinary Congress and Baltic forum veterinary medicine and food security, held from 4 to 7 September 2019 in Saint-Petersburg hosted a roundtable on the theme "Higher veterinary education in Russia: achievements, problems, prospects". In this event took part the head of the certification Body of the fgbi "VGNKI" Catherine Agrinskaya and head of the Department "Scientific and methodological base of the center" of the fgbi "VGNKI" Olga Kholodova.
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During the discussion of questions of improvement of veterinary education in Russia were made by the rectors of higher educational institutions from different regions, large employers in the veterinary field (heads of agricultural holdings, animal welfare organizations, veterinary clinics and laboratories), officials of the state veterinary service of the Russian Federation. The main topics of discussion were the advantages and disadvantages of domestic veterinary education and possible ways of its reforming, advanced foreign experience. Special attention was paid to topical issues of cooperation of universities and employers.

Catherine Agrinskaya drew the attention of representatives of universities for the lack of preparation of students in the study of the regulatory framework and legislation of Russia in relation to medicines for veterinary use and feed supplements for animals. This preparation is necessary not only for future public employees, and veterinary doctors.

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