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The sunflower harvesting has begun in Ulyanovsk region
Today, the culture harvested from an area of 295 hectares, the yield amounted to 541 ton with an average yield of 18.3 C/ha.
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- At us the harvest is almost in all Federal districts. To harvest we have 80 million hectares. And most importantly, we have three million tons of increased crop of wheat, it is also positive. This volume, as we assume, will allow to provide domestic demand, and implement our export opportunities, export potential. According to today, the grain is threshed from the area of about 34 million hectares. Has almost 95 million tons of grain we have harvested, and yields, we have this year slightly better than last year, to 29 quintals per hectare, – reported the Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ulyanovsk region takes the third place in terms of harvesting grain and leguminous crops in the Volga Federal district.

The yield of these crops is 20.3 C/ha. In our region they are harvested from an area of 591 thousand hectares, or 97.1% of the plan. In addition, for the fifth district, we have exceeded the planned 100 thousand tons, - said Mikhail Semenkin.

According to relevant agencies, in the Ulyanovsk region continues cleaning vegetables. To date, more than 25 thousand tons from 797 ha. of Potatoes harvested from an area of 535 ha, the gross harvest amounted to over nine thousand tons. In addition, farmers continue to forage. Farms in the region have garnered more than 92 thousand tons of haylage, nearly 47 thousand tons of hay, more than 34 thousand tons of straw and about 67 thousand tons of silage.

Coming to the end of the sowing campaign. Farmers Ulyanovsk region have fulfilled the plan of sowing of winter grain crops. In total, the region planted more than 288 thousand hectares of winter, or of 102.9% of the plan.




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