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Russian scientists to join Italian colleagues to create a vaccine
The Rosselkhoznadzor delegation visited the National reference laboratory for ASF and CSF Italy
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The Rosselkhoznadzor delegation headed by Deputy Head of the service Svetlana Alekseeva visited the National reference laboratory for ASF and CSF of Italy. During the meeting the parties discussed directions of bilateral cooperation for the prevention and control of transboundary diseases, including the development of specific means of protecting against ASF (vaccines).

Another important theme of the dialogue was the question of maintaining a collection of strains and provision of systems of biological safety in laboratories and vivariums on the assessment of pharmacological and immunological products.

The fgbi "VGNKI", members of the Russian delegation raised the issue of monitoring treatment and monitoring of residual medicines for veterinary purposes in food and feed products and the risks of the formation of antibiotic resistance.

To exchange experience on the organization of the vivariums, the Russian delegation got acquainted with the work of the vivarium of the third level of biological safety.

According to the Rosselkhoznadzor epizootic situation on particularly dangerous animal diseases in the world from 7 to 13 September 2019, the ASF is recorded in the previously prosperous country – the Philippines (7 foci).

New outbreaks of African swine fever observed in Hungary (30 centers), Latvia (1 hearth), Moldova (2), Poland (109 lesions), Romania (123) and Ukraine (2 foci), as well as in people's Republic of China (1) South Africa (4 hearth).

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