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After ASF outbreaks in South Korea prices rose for pork
After confirmation of the first case of the African plague of pigs (Achs) in South Korea prices rose for pork. It is reported by Yonhap News, citing representatives of the Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation.
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According to them, for one day in 14 wholesale markets of the country the cost of 1 kg of pork rose by 32.9% to 6062 won (~$5,1).

It is known that in the capital region the cost of one kilogram of meat has increased 59.8%, to 6658 won (~us$5.6), Phone — on 48,8%, to 5995 won (~$5,04), in the region Annam — 37.2%, to 6401 won (~$5,38).

Experts note that the cost of pork in supermarkets and other major outlets will increase by approximately one or two weeks after the outcome of the stocks.

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly contagious viral disease of pigs, characterized by fever, cyanosis of the skin and extensive hemorrhages in internal organs. Refers to the list A according to the International classification of infectious animal diseases. For man, the ASF is not dangerous.

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