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The first direct cloud solution for the agricultural industry
Until today, farmers and contractors using a mixed fleet of equipment that had the ability to record, process and document their data only with the appropriate equipment and web portals of individual producers.
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DataConnect new system, jointly developed by CLAAS, John Deere 365FarmNet and, for the first time provides the ability to directly exchange data between the cloud storage regardless of equipment manufacturer. Similar to the ISOBUS system, customers can now share data through a common interface, and to control and monitor the entire fleet of equipment using the most preferred system.

Using DataConnect, users can choose the platform data of a particular manufacturer, while retaining the ability to transfer data with other machines using the new interface. This means that the data will remain available in the control Center, John Deere, and CLAAS TELEMATICS portals or 365FarmNet, but it will be possible to transmit these data in real time from one cloud to another. The main advantage for the user is that all of the desired machine configurations are now available within a single system.

DataConnect allows you to share critical data machines, including current and previous location of the machine, fuel capacity, current working status and speed. In the future it will be able to transfer agronomic data.

With DataConnect, the company will also be able to share their own experiences of sharing data between clouds as part of ongoing projects Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF). That is why the architecture of the new interface was designed taking into account existing industry standards.

All interested agricultural machinery manufacturers, software providers, associations and standardization committees can join the project and participate in the development of the interface. The DataConnect system will be first presented to the public in November at the stands of CLAAS, 365FarmNet and John Deere at AGRITECHNICA 2019, and the official release of the system on the market is scheduled for the summer of 2020.

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