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The Russian farmers used to sleep in bins of the country of nearly 100 million tons of grain
Russian agrarians harvested nearly 100 million tons of grain is 11.4 million tons more than the same period last year.
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To date farmers threshed 35.7 million hectares is 76.3 % of the cultivated area, according to the official website of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The average yield totaled 27.9 C/ha (last year — 27,3 kg/ha).

Argali removed wheat from 80.2 % of areas harvested 68.6 million tons of grain with yield of 30.5 C/ha (last year — 61,9 million tons with an average yield of 31.1 t/ha). Barley threshed with more than 87% of the area, and produced 19.7 million tons of grain.

Corn for grain harvested with 15% of the area, her collection amounted to 1.9 million tonnes.

Farmers actively harvested sugar beets. To date, the beets dug from 24.1% of areas harvested 11.9 million tons. Last year, the figure was 8.6 million tons. The average yield 430,6 kg/ha.

Potatoes garnished with 37.5% of the area, collected nearly 3 million tons of tubers.

Vegetables harvested from 40,9 % of the area, collected 1.6 million tons.

Farmers have carried out sowing of winter crops on the area of 9.5 million hectares (last year — 8.4 million hectares). This accounts for 54.1% of the target.




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