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Rostselmash winner of the award Agritechnica Innovation Award 2019
The European expert community noted the innovation. Night vision system night vision RSM from the Russian company Rostselmash was included in the list of the best projects of the agricultural engineering world of 2019.
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German agricultural society (DLG), the organizer of the largest international agricultural exhibition that will be held in November, announced the winners of the award Agritechnica Innovation Award 2019. 40 of these developments, of which 1 was awarded gold , 39 – silver.

Among the winners included Russian manufacturer – the company Rostselmash. Silver medal of the contest of innovations Agritechnica marked night vision system for self-propelled agricultural machinery - RSM Night Vision. Unlike traditional thermal imaging technology, the night vision of the company significantly increases the visibility for the operator of the sprayer, combine, tractor, thereby increasing the productivity up to 20%.

- Agritechnica Innovation Award is among the most prestigious competitions in the field of agricultural engineering. For manufacturers, a positive assessment of the competitive Commission – the result of many months of engineering studies, - says marketing Director of Rostselmash Maxim Nahaba.

During the season of 2019, the system has been tested in the field in the fields in the Rostov region and has been highly appreciated by farmers.

To see Rostselmash equipment fitted with night vision RSM farmers will be at the exhibition Agritechnica-2019, which opens in Hanover (Germany) on 10 November. The Rostselmash booth is located in hall 09 booth (A31b).

The main differences and advantages of RSM night vision from existing systems

Common thermal imaging technology distinguishes only the objects with a temperature above ambient. Out of sight drop out power lines, trees, other objects, collision with which often leads to breakdowns of machines working in the dark. Operators are forced to work at low speeds, with reduced performance. Unlike thermal imaging technology, the system "RSM Night Vision" identificeret objects that night, not visible to the eye of the operator.

  • The use of "RSM night vision" allows the operator to see at night at a distance of up to 1500 m instead of the usual 100 – 150 m. Thus, the speed can be increased by 20%, and performance – accordingly, half more.
  • The environment displayed on the monitor in the contrast of a color image. Unique algorithm RSM Night Vision video processing and eliminates the effect of illumination. The operator can see all the objects in the field and on public roads.
  • The main camera system was installed inside the cabin that ensures the cleanliness of the camera lens. Camera just fine through the windshield, unlike the bolometer. The system consists of special cameras, controller, video processing and display. Optionally, the picture can be projected on the windshield using the projector. The uniqueness of the system lies in the fact that the infrared light are standard illumination sprayer, tractor or combine.

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