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Mozzarella cheese without cows: "cell" agriculture comes to the dairy industry
New Culture has collected 3.5 million dollars in initial investment for the production of vegan "microbial" cheeses
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Startup New Culture, based in San Francisco, specializiruetsya on "cell" APK in the dairy industry. The first round of funding was headed by Evolv Ventures, the corporate venture subsidiary of Kraft Heinz, writes portal medium.com.

Among the other investors in this round, Bee Partners, Mayfield, CPT Capital, Boost VC and SOSV. SOSV is a venture capital firm behind the "accelerator" innovations in biological Sciences IndieBio, a New company Culture and many other startups "cell" of agriculture.

In an interview with CEO and co-founder of the New Culture Matt Gibson said that led him to alternative agriculture: "hailing from New Zealand, where dairy products are our largest export, I was closely associated with the traditional industry production of milk all my life and seen the damage it can cause to the environment. And this is the main reason I became interested in vegan dairy products.

The first thing I noticed was why are so many companies working on a meat-based cells, and so few companies are interested in the dairy direction. It is still a niche. At the moment there are three main players besides us: Perfect Day, released a limited edition milk ice cream without animal products, and Motif FoodWorks, a subsidiary firm of the synthetic biology company Ginkgo Bioworks, which seeks to produce milk proteins to improve the taste and texture of vegetable products.

Our company focuses on cheese, because the quality of dairy cheese and vegan there is a big gap.

So, we are focused on creating mozzarella. This product is the most consumed cheese in the United States. Creating the germs to produce the same proteins as in cow's milk, we will be able to get the same cheese. Without requiring a cow."




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