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NSA: Tambov region increased coverage of crop insurance in 8 times
"The active development of crop insurance in the Tambov region, which region showed in 2019, will be supported during the winter sowing campaign. Agreed to strengthen the cooperation of the Department of agriculture of the region, National Union of agricultural insurers and the regional farmers Association "Tambov-AKKOR" in the organization advise farmers on insurance issues. On the basis of the Association "Tambov-AKKOR" the planned creation of a single centre of excellence where farmers can obtain the necessary consultations," – said the President of the NRA of the Roots of Beidou, commenting on the results of the seminar on agricultural insurance for farmers in the region.
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Seminar on "crop Insurance as a tool to ensure the financial sustainability of farmers" was held with the participation of NSA in the Department of agriculture of the Tambov region on September 23. The meeting was attended by the head of Department Alexander Aksenov, who said that in the current year in the Tambov region there is a growing interest of farmers in agricultural insurance with state support: the insured of 188.3 thousand hectares of crops, the amount of subsidies amounted to 15.7 million RUB specialists of the NSA, spoke about the current state of the system of agricultural insurance, provided explanations to the questions of the farmers. In total, the seminar was attended by about 30 farmers in the region and heads of regional departments of agribusiness management bodies. The position of the farmers presented the seminar also Chairman of the Association "Tambov-AKKOR" Tatiana Peredery.

"According to NSA, following the insurance of spring crops in the current year the Tambov region came in second place in the Central Federal district according to the size of the insured area – said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov. Here the insured not less than 10% of spring arable land. In addition, in the region of a few large farms have insured with state support livestock in the amount of 104 thousand heads. At the same time, experience has shown that farmers lack information necessary for the conclusion of the insurance contract – in particular, about how it affects the level of insurance coverage selected deductible. The next stage of development of agricultural insurance in the Tambov region will be the creation of a single competence centre for farmers where they can get the necessary clarification. In particular, will be discussed in detail in conjunction with the farmers experience crop insurance in the Tambov region this year."


According to the NSA, in the Tambov region annually is not less than 700 insurance contracts selkhozizdat, including insurance as large businesses and private households. Since the introduction of the law on state support of agricultural insurance in 2012, farmers in the region have received insurance payments insurance selkhozizdat in the amount of 201 million RUB For crop production region is characterized by risks of drought, vyprevaniya and freezing winter, waterlogged soil, atmospheric and soil drought, strong wind, frost and icy crust. This year the region has seen cases of loss of agriculture farmers due to the drought and hail.

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