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Ukraine harvested 70% of the grain
As of September 23, 2019, Ukrainian farmers have carried out cleaning work on the area of 10.8 million ha or 70% of the forecast and harvested 43.3 mln tonnes of grain and legumes with an average yield of 40.3 kg/ha. this is the website of the Ministry of agriculture.
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corn and 3.6 million tons with the area of 600 thousand hectares or 12% of the forecast;

- buckwheat - 68 kt, with an area of 51 thousand hectares, or 76% of the forecast;

- millet - 133 thousand tons to 71 thousand hectares or 79% of the forecast.

In addition, sunflower threshed on an area of 3.7 million hectares or 63% and harvested 8.3 million tons of grain with an average yield of 22.6 C/ha. of Soybeans threshed on an area of 742 hectares, or 47% of the forecast and collected 1.7 million ha of grain with average yield was 23.0 kg/ha. of Sugar beet collected 990 thousand tons with the area of 22 thousand hectares or 10% of the forecast with an average yield of 450 kg/ha.

The greatest shaft of grain threshed, the farmers in the Odessa, Zaporozhye and Kharkov - 3.2 million tons, Dnipropetrovsk - 3.0 million tons, Nicholas - 2.8 million tonnes of areas.




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