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In the season-2018/19, the production of cereals decreased by 2.4%
Last season 2018/19 (September-August) Russia has reduced the production of cereals by 37 thousand tonnes to 1 million 492 thousand tons, According to the Institute for agricultural market studies (IKAR), in the result, the total production was below not only the previous season, but the 2016/17 crop year. The reduction was due to three cereals — buckwheat, rice and millet, the production of which fell by 94 thousand tons, said the Deputy Director of IKAR Irina Glazunov.
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A sharp decline in the production of millet in 2017 and 2018 has led to the fact that in July its reserves virtually dried up, drew attention to it. However, in August in some regions (mainly in the Rostov and Saratov regions) new grain began to flow at a grain processing enterprise. According to Glazunov, it's a little reduced the backlog in the production of millet from the previous seasons. This year, amid falling production and rising prices, the sown area of millet has increased by 1.5 times, and the harvest of crops, according to the forecast of the General Director of the analytical company "Prozerno" Vladimir Petrichenko, will grow 2.1% to 457 thousand tons. In the result, the price of millet, the summer has reached the highs, now is a pullback and since July has been reduced by half. "Thus, the market in this season should return to normal," said "the Agroinvestor" Petrichenko.

Also an acute shortage of paddy in the last months of the season-2018/19 were experienced by the processors of Fig. "The quality of grain in this period is almost gone. If the first half of the season was made 220,5 thousand tons of rice cereal, then in the second half — 155,1 thousand tons In August 2019, the output of rice was the lowest since August 2013," explained Glazunov. Since the end of April, rice prices began to rise, confirms Petrichenko, however, he calls this trend the traditional end of the season. "Now rice prices have already started to decline," he said. "Prozerno" expects rice production this year by 2.6% to 1,065 million tonnes.

Buckwheat, on the contrary, after high gross yield in 2016-2018 to the end of the current season cereal was available in large enough quantities. "However, the holders of this culture were in no hurry to sell its cereal plants, preferring to remain "in inventory"," — says Glazunov. And after the publication of the data of Rosstat about a sharp reduction in the crops of buckwheat this year — 23% to 807 thousand hectares of farmers had expectations of capacity prices in the new season. However, the yield of buckwheat this year is expected to be much higher than last year, bringing its gross yield will decline only 16% to 780 thousand tons, predicts "Prozerno".

According to IKAR, a decrease in the production of buckwheat, rice and millet in the season 2018/19 was partially offset by an increase in production of some other cereals. The greatest growth occurred in oats, barley and manna croup, in General, their output increased by 36.4 thousand tons relative to the season 2017/18. As previously explained, "the Agroinvestor" Vice-President of the Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises Igor Sviridenko, cereals in domestic consumption are interchangeable, which hinders the growth of consumer





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