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John Deere introduces a new generation of self-propelled sprayers
John Deere introduces a new generation of self-propelled sprayers, which will be produced at the company's factory in Horst, Netherlands. New sprayers R4140i/R4150i are characterized by higher productivity, accuracy, safety and a high level of comfort.
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During the development of new models focused on the performance of the sprayer while maintaining the highest quality of make and improve the working environment of the operator. The cockpit design premium is equipped with the management bodies of a new generation of fully integrated technologies such as universal display John Deere 4640 that is installed on the armrest of the new design.

Integrated telematics system, JDLink, and wireless data exchange with sprayer is standard on the machine. In addition, the system includes free activation for the five-year period. An updated set of lighting improves visibility in the nighttime as in the field and when filling the sprayer with chemicals, allowing you to achieve maximum performance in all conditions. Depending on customer requirements for new cabin available in two levels of specification, with optional security system operator category 4, corresponding to the most current safety requirements.

New sprayers R4140i/R4150i used was developed by company John Deere high performance system feed solution PowrSpray, providing direct control make for rapid filling and accurate compliance application. Combined with the innovative automated system AirRinse it allows to reduce the unused volume of the system feed solution to 5 liters, which helps to achieve maximum cleaning efficiency.

For new sprayers R4140i/R4150i as an option ExactApply system, thanks to which the injectors are no longer the limiting factor for high performance spraying. System ExactApply for two years is available for all cars on the US market and represents an intelligent solution that allows you to change the injector manually from the cockpit or automatically depending on application rate and speed. The system is also able to maintain a stable drop size when the rate at which through the use of technology pulse width modulation (PWM) frequency up to 30 Hz.

Moreover, PWM technology allows to implement the compensation function for turns, ensuring the maintenance of the established application rate across the boom even during turns of the sprayer. System ExactApply controls the operation of each injector individually, using section control Section Control based on GPS. This technology allows saving on plant protection products up to 6 euros per hectare, the yield increase could reach 3 % by minimizing under-or over-application.

The production of new self-propelled sprayers, John Deere R4140i/R4150i will begin in October 2019; the new machines will be available to dealers in early 2020.

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