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Russian agriculture is becoming more and more "smart"
The representative of the Association "Rosspetsmash" performed at X industry business conference Russian Crop Production — 2019/20, which gathered in Moscow more than 200 companies. Participants of the forum became the largest agricultural producers of Russia, the leadership and representatives of the factories producing agricultural machinery and food machinery, heads of industry associations and media representatives. The experts discussed the development of plant Russia in particular, the strategic trends of the new season. In the spotlight – the process of modernization of agroindustrial complex of the country.
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Coordinator of the direction "Agricultural engineering" Association "Rosspetsmash" Anton Gorshkov drew attention to the fact that Russian agriculture is becoming increasingly "smart", which contributes to vehicle self-propelled and trailed agricultural machinery with systems of remote monitoring and control. This allows you to fix all their options and make the necessary adjustments in real-time. An example of such a system can be Agrotronic is an innovative system for remote monitoring and control operations agromashin module parametric control for agricultural enterprises developed by the company "Rostselmash". The development of the Russian agricultural machinery takes place in line with the global trends, so 80% of the medals in the largest international exhibitions, the Agritechnica Show and was awarded for developments in the area of and electronics and software for agricultural equipment.

Over the past three years, the plants have significantly increased R & d investments especially in the types of machinery not manufactured in Russia. Only in 2018, the enterprises produced 161 new technology. This contributed to effective measures of state support, including subsidies, discounts on farm machinery, partial compensation of expenses on carrying out research and development work. Launched tax incentive for the development of methods and means of automated management in agriculture.

For the industry it is essential that all these arrangements continued in the future. Under this condition, will be able to further increase production volumes of agricultural equipment, to expand its range, producing innovative models that reduce consumption of seeds, fertilizers, means of plant protection allowing to implement the technology, definitely farming.

Great expectations Russian factories connected with the implementation of government decree
No. 1432.

Recall that in 2018 and 2019, out the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about extension of the program for the next few years with funding in the amount of not less than 8 billion rubles annually.

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