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On the progress of field work in Ukraine as of September 26, 2019
As of September 26, Ukrainian farmers spent the harvest of grain and leguminous crops on an area of 11.1 million ha or 72% of the forecast and harvested 45.1 million tons of grain with an average yield of 40.8 t/ha, including:
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  • corn — 5.4 million tons with an area of 899 hectares, or 18% of the forecast yield at 59,8 kg/ha;
  • buckwheat — 72 thousand tons with the area of 54 thousand hectares or 80% of the forecast with a yield of 13.2 tons/ha;
  • millet — 138 thousand tons to 74 thousand hectares or 82% of the forecast with the average yield of 18.7 t/ha.

In addition, sunflower throughout the areas of 4.2 mln ha or 71% and collected 9.6 million tonnes of grain with an average yield 23,0 kg/ha. Soybean threshed on an area of 867 thousand hectares or 55% of the forecast, and collected 2 million ha of grain with average yield of 23.4 q/ha. of Sugar beet collected 1.6 million tons with an area of 36 thousand hectares, or 17% of the forecast with an average yield of 445 kg/ha.

Regarding the autumn sowing campaign, on this date planted 2.9 million hectares to winter grains or 39% of the forecast, of which sown:

  • winter wheat and 2.6 million hectares or 42% of the forecast;
  • rye — 69 thousand ha or 56% of the forecast;
  • winter barley — 147 thousand ha or 16% of the forecast.

In addition, winter rapeseed, with projected area of 1.1 million hectares sown 994 thousand hectares or 93% of the forecast.


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