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"Kaliningrad meat company" expanded state "Russian cowboys" to 213 people
"Kaliningrad meat company", included in APH "Miratorg" reports that have increased the number of specialists who work with beef cattle – the "Russian cowboys" – in the framework of project development of high-quality beef production from the beginning of 2019 of 23% to 213 people.
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"Miratorg" – one of the largest investors and employers in the agricultural sector of Russia. In the Kaliningrad region the agricultural holding from scratch built a horticultural division and a complex of 12 farms with a total livestock of meat cattle of breed Aberdeen Angus 80 thousand animals. The business plan foresees a further increase in the herds at the expense of own resources, which means creating new jobs with decent wages, social guarantees and possibilities for professional and career growth.

Training of highly qualified specialists who work with beef cattle to ensure production efficiency is a strategic task for the holding. Of more than 800 employees of the project of beef cattle in the Kaliningrad region and the fourth part of the operators, breeders, "Russian cowboy", whose main task is to ensure healthy animals in a stress free environment with minimal interference in their life in nature. Such work requires a system of knowledge and skills, daily skills improvement. Holding gives you the opportunity to learn the profession from scratch and regularly to improve skills in the corporate training center in the Bryansk region. The training program includes the techniques and methods of treatment of animals, transport, sorting, working with horses, basic veterinary procedures.

"The quality of the steaks from the marble beef is laid on the farms, and the result of the work of operators, livestock is the basis of effective development of the project. "Miratorg" systematically invests in training and staff development enables rural people to the profession unique and in-demand skills, working in their native land, close to home and family. Further development of the human resource base for the beef cattle industry is creating new jobs as part of the expansion project contributes to the solution of problems of employment in rural areas, improve living standards", – said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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