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Tatarstan: Role of corn in livestock discussed with the farmers
In Mamadysh region held a seminar-meeting with participation of Deputy RT Premier — Minister of agriculture and foodstuffs of Tatarstan of Marat Zyabbarov. During the event discussed the role of maize in farming on the experience of OOO APK "food Program"
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Addressing the participants of the seminar with a welcome speech Marat Zyabbarov informed that for successful wintering of cattle needed to produce 30 quintals of feed units per 1 conditional head, in the amount of 1.7 million tons of feed units. Of them today harvested 1.3 million tons, or 77%, continues harvesting corn forage.

"The Republic is a leader in the country for production of milk and we're going to the amount of 1.9 million tonnes with productivity of cows at the level of 6000 kg. Advanced farms already have yields of more than 10 thousand kg per year. Without energy feed, we will not be able to achieve these indicators. The purpose of todays event is to show how it works, "Prodprogramma" is one of the most efficient producers of milk. The average annual productivity of cows in the sector is 10.8 kg, almost 30 kg per day", — said Marat Zyabbarov.

"We set ourselves the task — to have a minimum of 1.5 tons of maize grain per cow. To do this, in 2020, every sector must have a full field of corn for grain rate of at least 0.3 ha for 1 cow with a yield of 50 t or more," — noted the head of Ministry.

What you need to do, said experts during the seminar, but also showed in practice. Farmers have studied in detail the corn hybrids Limagren for grain and silage, particularly maize cultivation for grain technology, security, program of mineral nutrition and practical experience in various regions of Russia. Also during the practical part of the seminar, the specialists demonstrated the cleaning of corn on Kornai and silage using specialized headers.





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