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What can you buy for 15 rubles?
Compared to last year, the number of goods that can be bought for the price of 10 rubles, decreased significantly. So this year we have raised the price level and prepared a list of goods that will cost less $ 15.
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10-15 rubles to buy a small bakery, for example, rye muffins or scones for fitness weight 48g. This bread is perfect for creating sandwiches and for those who buy fresh pastries daily.

To 15 rubles, you can buy juices and drinks, these include even baby juices and purees. Juices are packaged in packs of 125ml and drinks from 0.33 to 0.5 L.

Variety of variety of goods less 15 rubles will appreciate the instant noodles and oatmeal – they are different brands and different flavors. For $ 15 you can buy an ordinary macaroni and vermicelli in bundles 400g.

Also, the products cost up to 15 rubles are many spices and cooking additives: vanilla, Bay leaf, baking powder, rosemary, black pepper, thickener, yeast, salt. These spices are Packed with 10-15g and a kilo of salt is an average of 12-14 rubles.

In the range from 10 to 15 roubles it is possible to purchase vegetables such as potatoes (with the discount) and beets. Carrots, cabbage and onion you can buy in the range of from 20 to 30 rubles.

Of dairy products in the desired price category includes processed cheese, portioned butter, yogurts, chocolate glazed curd bars.


For 15 rubles, you can buy one sachet of coffee or tea and a La carte sauces, crackers, almonds, jelly, puddings, breads, candy bars.



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