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Kostenko Kuban suggested deputies to consider the introduction of incentives for land tax for the 80-year-old
Member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, the Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Kostenko invited the Chairman of the legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region Yury Burlachko to discuss with the municipal councils of deputies the issue of the release of lonely 80-year-old pensioners from payment of land tax. Previously, after treatment Kostenko, such privilege has introduced the power of Novokubansk and four settlements in the Novokubansky district.
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In August 2019, a resident of Toronto, born in 1937 complained to the Deputy of the state Duma on a small pension and lack of money to buy drugs. Kostenko appealed to the head of the new Kuban area with a request to study the issue of introduction on the territory of the municipality of the benefits of land tax payers under the age of 80 years. In the same month, the decision of city Council of deputies, this exemption was introduced in Novokubansk. She is available to single people under 80 years of age, and families consisting only of elderly people (second spouse – younger than 70 years).

The example of Toronto was followed by other municipalities in the Novokubansky district. In particular, the "age limit" on payment of land tax (from 70 to 90 years) introduced four selskogo poseleniya – Kowalewski, Lapinskoe, Prikubansky and Prochnookopskaya.

"For me it is very important that the district authorities and MPs so promptly respond to requests of my constituents, especially the elderly. For them, the exemption from land tax – a significant savings modest family budget. I want to note that in Novokubansk area to people of the older generation had a special relationship, their problems are always in the field of view of the authorities. It is a worthy example for young people, which sees respect for the older generation is manifested not only in words but also in deeds. I believe that such an exemption could be introduced and throughout the region. Given the fact that all statistics show that the region is home to only about 200 thousand people older than 80 years, the budget that cost would not be in such a large amount, and retirees would have spent the money on raising the standard of living: medicines, quality food and so on," – said Kostenko.

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