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The sea was not a barrier to ASF
Pork prices in Asia rising and the African swine fever virus reaches East Timor
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African swine fever has reached the 11th country in Asia, and she suddenly became East Timor. It happened at a time when pork prices in mainland China has increased dramatically, and new outbreaks reported from the Philippines and South Korea.

Flash in East Timor had been registered on 9 September and found about 100 places on the home farms around the capital Dili. A total of 405 animals sent for slaughter.

Detection of African swine fever (ASF) in East Timor is another blow to all those who were hoping that the sea would be a natural barrier to the further spread of the virus in Asia.

At an earlier stage the virus "jumped" from the mainland to the Philippines and then in Indonesia have reached East Timor. A straight line Dili is 3000 km from the South of Vietnam and 2,500 km from Manila, Philippines.

At the same time the virus has been confirmed in several places in South Korea, bringing the total number of outbreaks reached 9. Eight of them on a professional farm and one in the household. All the affected farms are located within 20 km from the border with North Korea.

According to the Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO), the ASF virus in the Philippines currently found in the provinces of rizal and Bulacan, as well as in the cities of Quezon and Antipolo. Of these, only 7 outbreaks were officially registered by the OIE.

In Vietnam the number of selected pigs reached 5 million, according to the web site of FAO.

In China, the situation in Macau has led to unprecedented growth in pork prices.

According to Reuters, prices rose to more than 40 yuan / kg, which is 80% higher than the same period last year. As a result, the demand for other types of animal protein also increases.

Estimated businessmen working in the pig, approximately 60% of all the pigs disappeared in China due to African swine fever. Officially, China reported a total of 162 outbreaks. The official number of culled pigs in China for quite some time is 1 170 000 head, according to the web site of FAO.

According to the Chinese state press Agency Xinhua, the Chinese government took to meet the demand of 10,000 tonnes of pork from Central reserves. And in the last 2 weeks advanced - 20,000 tons.

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