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Preparation of Case IH tractors for winter operation
Winter farm equipment spends mostly in storage. However, some universal machines, such as tractors, are operated year-round. Work at low temperatures is always a stress for equipment. Moreover, operation in cold conditions could affect a resource, if these conditions do not prepare in advance.
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The most stressful moment for any equipment in the winter — the cold start of the engine. In order to facilitate this procedure, you must first ensure filling seasonal DT. Quality winter fuel is one of the keys to normal operation.

The next important point is the selection of proper working fluids, including engine and transmission oil, coolant and hydraulic fluid. In the case of equipment Case IH all is easy: just use a liquid specially manufactured for tractors of this company, famous owners of the AKCELA brand. Engine and transmission oils of this line is specially designed for specific duties on agricultural machinery, and also adapted to difficult climatic conditions of our country and can ensure the normal use of tractors in sub-zero temperatures.

Until recently, owners of tractors, the warranty period has expired, faced a choice: to continue to use the proprietary liquids or switch to cheaper alternatives, while having dubious properties. From 2019, Case IH offers equipment for post-warranty products, the optimum ratio of price and quality. Subject to the conditions of work in our climate, has developed a line of lubricants and consumables NEXPRO. It includes eight kinds of modern oils engine oils, transmission, hydraulic and universal for all generations of machinery Case IH. It is exceptionally convenient solution for training after sales of tractors for winter operation. For example, NEXPRO engine oil Heavy Duty Engine Oil 10W-30 provides improved low temperature properties and facilitates engine starting at low temperatures.


It must be remembered that the effectiveness of modern agricultural machinery is dependent on the quality of lubricants. When you use a manufacturer-recommended oils and greases it is able to work effectively in almost any climatic conditions. So actually the basic preparations for modern tractors for the winter reduced to transition to the appropriate seasonal temperatures lubricants and the use of appropriate coolant.

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