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The price index of the FAO plant oil reached an annual high
The price index of FAO for vegetable oils in September increased by 1.4% and reached more than a year high, according to a new report by FAO.
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This contributed to the increase in demand for palm oil in India and China. In addition, demand for biofuels in the European Union resulted in a rise in rapeseed oil. But the quotation of soybean and sunflower oil in September declined.

It has also increased the overall food price index. At the end of September it amounted to 170 points, which is 3.3% more than in September 2018.

In terms of index of cereal prices changes practically is not fixed: the growth in wheat prices was offset by lower corn market. Meat prices increased by 0.8% due to a stable demand for pork imports in China. Indexes of dairy products decreased by 0.6%.





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