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"Kaliningrad meat company" took every second of an Intern in the youth program in 2019
"Kaliningrad meat company", included in APH "Miratorg" reports that employed in the livestock areas in the region 6 graduates of agricultural educational institutions from among 12 graduate students - participants of the interregional internship programs in 2019.
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Miratorg is the largest employer in the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation: enterprises of the group employs more than 37 000 people. The company dynamically develops and creates new jobs, guaranteeing its employees a comfortable working environment, all social guarantees and wages higher than the industry average for the industry in the regions. The agricultural holding is actively engaging to their projects young people and annually in the framework of the "Generation of agribusiness" organized for students of universities and colleges practical training in enterprises in all regions of operations. During the practice students get acquainted with advanced technologies in the agricultural industry and learn the necessary skills in the conditions of real production.

Upon graduation, young professionals that have proven themselves during the internship, have the opportunity to get a job with a degree in business units. At the end of the program year manufacturing practices "Kaliningrad meat company" took on the position of veterinarians and engineers graduates of the College of agricultural technologies and environmental engineering of the Kaliningrad region and Voronezh state agrarian University. Young employees furnished to the state in accordance with the LC RF, to adapt to the working environment they experienced mentors.

"Miratorg" - the expert in the field of practical training of future farmers: in the period of the internships, students receive valuable practical skills of working with the best technology and equipment, experience from industry professionals. This allows you to work successfully in modern agricultural production after graduation. The company, in turn, creates all conditions for professional development of young specialists, provides decent wages and social guarantees", - said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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