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Bank OTKRITIE: export support, new banking technologies and the digitalization of customs - key factors in the development of FEA in the Rostov region
Rostov region remains export-oriented region of Russia: 71% of the entire foreign trade exports account for only 29% - on import.
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While entrepreneurs don you receive more opportunities to work effectively in foreign markets with the support of the Bank and the Federal development institutions. With this assessment of the export potential was made by the head of Department of foreign trade activities Bank "Opening" Nina Participated in the course organized by Bank conference for the don of the companies involved in international business. In addition to the experts “Open” in it participated the representatives of the customs bodies of the Russian export centre.

"Working with traders for the Bank "Opening" is one of the priority activities. Recently, we made a significant breakthrough in terms of technology and services for exporters and importers: running market quotations of currencies online, tracking a foreign currency transfer abroad SWIFT GPI, ecosystem trade contacts in the Internet Bank, insurance, currency risks, customs and tax consulting, free personal FEA assistant. In the near future we will market raznovich unique services for foreign trade, such as exchange controls and online service FEA analyst"- said Nina Chaplinsky.

Bank "Opening" serves foreign economic activity of enterprises operating in various industries: exports of agricultural products, metals and export-import operations with mineral fertilizers, chemicals, industrial equipment. To date, customers of the Bank "Opening" in the Rostov region maintain relationships with partners in more than 50 countries.

According to managing branch of "southern" Bank"Opening" Igor Nesterov, on behalf of the Rostov clients small and medium businesses for 9 months of 2019 was conducted foreign trade transactions totaling more than 16 billion in ruble equivalent.

"Of the total number of foreign trade contracts, put on the account in the Bank "Opening" to the amount in value terms more than 70 million US dollars of import and $ 30 million in exports, more than 30% were in China and Turkey, – said Igor Nesterov. –Among the leaders of partner countries also includes countries such as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan".

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