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Gold medals at "Golden autumn"
Products "PRODO Poultry farm Permskaya" received the highest award at the exhibition "Golden autumn"
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The exhibition "Golden autumn" – the largest event for agricultural producers in Russia, dedicated to the Day of worker of agriculture and processing industry. Organized by the Ministry of agriculture of Russia. This year the event takes place in 21 times. The exhibition traditionally attracts the leaders of the Russian agricultural sector to showcase their achievements and exchange experience. "Golden autumn 2019" about 1,500 companies from Russia and other countries.

At the exhibition opening ceremony with a salutatory word to participants addressed the Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Medvedev. He noted the high achievements of the Russian farmers that the domestic agricultural products are in demand on the world market. The exhibition was also organized the first international agroindustrial forum – a forum for the discussion of the development strategy of domestic agriculture.

The thematic division of the exhibition "Regions of Russia and foreign countries" was presented in all the regions of our country. On the stand of the Perm region is located the stand of the enterprise of Group "PRODO" – "PRODO Poultry farm Permskaya". Poultry is the leader of the Perm region for the production of broiler meat and products from it, now ramping up capacity and further strengthens its position in the region. At the stand of "PRODO Poultry farm Permskaya" we presented a range of brands of the Group "PRODO", manufactured by the company. Representatives of the poultry plant answered numerous questions of the guests, conducted business meetings with potential partners.

Products "PRODO Poultry farm Permskaya" aroused great interest among guests of the exhibition. Special attention visitors paid to the brand of "Caliph". These products are manufactured in strict accordance with Muslim traditions, the Perm company "PRODO" began a few years ago. And she very quickly gained popularity, both among Muslims and non-Muslims of the Perm region. At the stand of the poultry was carried out tasting sausage products under the brand "Clear hill", they caused quite a stir – everyone noted the excellent taste and high quality brand products.

Quality products "PRODO Poultry farm Permskaya" praised and experts of "Golden autumn". In the food contest, traditionally held in the framework of the exhibition, the company won a gold medal and a diploma for high quality. The highest scores of the competition received a chicken cutlet "Rustic" brand "Troekurovo" mini-rolls "Czech" brand "Rococo" natural hip "Halal" under the name "Caliph" and sausages "Cock" from "Clear hills".

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