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The bread-baking plant "Yug Rusi" 15 years!
October 12 marks the 15th anniversary of the day when on the shelves of Rostov was born, bread is called "Yug Rusi" in this day was launched the plant, the likes of which don land has never known.
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The plant is equipped with the most modern European equipment, and its products immediately caught the fancy of buyers. Over 15 years of production released свыше70 000 tons. Recently, the 270th anniversary of the city of Rostov-on-don, the factory workers made a five-tiered loaf, with a diameter greater than 3.7 meters, a height of five feet and weighing more than a ton. Loaf this officially became the biggest in the world, what the enterprise has received the diploma from the books of records of Russia. And earlier this year, Pascha bread-baking plant "Yug Rusi" baked cakes for the pre-revolutionary recipe.

However, the company not only honor traditions, but also closely follow the modern trends of healthy eating and their shape.

Bakery plant "Yug Rusi" produces a range of breads containing a combination of healthy grains and seeds: rye, oats, wheat, corn. All this is complemented by flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, gently baked and delivered to the shops.

This bread will strengthen power and will give you the energy and after the gym in the morning before work for a friendly family dinner. However, do not contain any additives loaves of bread-baking plant "Yug Rusi" are well-deserved love of Rostov. This is the most popular products of the company, which can be found on the shelf of any store in Rostov. And not only. And loaves, and mnogoseriynoye of bread and delicious pastries bakery plant "Yug Rusi" - cookies, cupcakes, pies, over 100 products – all this comes beyond Rostov region. Our mission is to produce bakery "Yug Rusi" has always been tasty, useful and accessible to our customers.

The past 15 years show that the staff of our bakery copes with this task – said the development Director of the enterprise Dmitry Kislov. Held at the enterprise a ceremony honored employees of the bakery "South of Russia" were awarded letters of thanks of the Ministry of agriculture of the Rostov region and other rewards for your noble and necessary for all people work.

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