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About harvesting late grain crops in the Rostov region
In areas of the North West zone of the Rostov region continues with the harvesting of later crops. Parallel to the reaping of sunflower and corn harvested for grain. Total area area harvested is 165,7 thousand hectares, which is 15% less than in 2018.
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In Belaya Kalitva district, corn was sown on the area of 5.3 thousand hectares. to date, removed 2.3 thousand hectares, gross yield of 8.5 thousand tons, the average yield in the district of 37.7 g/ha. For comparison, last year the yield in the district was 19.5 kg/ha.

The yield increase was due to favorable weather conditions, sufficient rainfall, modern technologies of cultivation of corn, the use of new hybrid varieties, such as don tall, Radiant, Mashuk, and other varieties. Good progress is being cleaned in the fields of JSC "Druzhba" TNV "Puzanov and" SPK "Niva", TNV "Gladyshev" and others. According to a preliminary quality assessment, experts of the Rostov branch of the fgbi "Center for grain quality assessment" corn of the new harvest is 2 class.

For the first 9 months of the current year specialists of the Rostov branch of the fgbi "Center for grain quality assessment" confirmed the compliance of safety and quality of corn delivered to export 212,514 thousand tons, which is 2.3 % of the total grain export region.





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