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Orenburg farmers burned on a sunflower
Sunflower fields in the Oktyabrsky district this year gives a good harvest. If last year were harvested 12 quintals per hectare, now — 16. In Grachevsky district yields are even higher.
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Almost 18 tons per hectare. And the average for the area is 12.6. Thus already removed more than half of the total area. But the joy of a good harvest marred by a record fall in the price of sunflower. Last year per ton gave 22 thousand rubles. At the beginning of this harvest 19 thousand. And now the price has dropped to 15 thousand rubles. "The price of sunflower this year, are not worthy. Costs incurred on the cultivation of this crop, barely covered" - says Alexander Popov, chief agronomist SPK "collective Farm of a name of Kirov".

To hold the crop until better prices to the farmers does not work. They now have to pay the loans. In the end, the crushing plants of Bashkiria and the Orenburg region to take a sunflower from the fields at the lowest prices. "In the market increases, the price of sunflower oil. The falling purchasing price for sunflower. Not everything in this market is planned and adjusted. We say that fond of sunflower impossible", - said Alexander Samoilov, head of the Oktyabrsky district.

However, farmers of the region they are traditionally fond of. Although sunflower seriously depletes the earth. In many areas the crops of this culture make up more than 40 percent. And though the average yield in the region is not less than last year, the price of seed is melting day by day. And return it with a 200 percent dropped to 40. It does not allow sunflower to close all the financial gaps farms. So this year farmers have increased wedge winter wheat, have relied on chickpeas, corn and other crops. It is possible that in unstable market conditions, they will grow in value and will be one of the lifesaver in the future.





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