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The project "way to success" will help students, farmers to find a dream job
Russian Union of rural youth (RSSM) and the State University of land management in October launched a joint project "towards success", which aims to promote careers in agriculture and to help students, farmers in employment and in the implementation of their own projects. Previously, the project won a grant of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh).
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"The exchange of experiences and ideas with peers, communication with relevant experts is not only a positive effect on the socialization of students, but also expands the horizons of professional growth and increase their chances of successful employment. And globally – developing agropotentsial our country", – said the Chairman of RSSM Julia Ogloblina.

According to her, the project was created thematic platform of the youth with a mentoring system that will facilitate the involvement of youth in volunteer activity, implementation of their own projects and prepare them for future employment.

Thus, in the framework of the project young farmers participate in industry webinars with experts from Federal agencies, the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and RSSM. During the online consultations, mentors tell them about the opportunities in rural areas – competitions, projects and programmes for young people, talking about the importance of soft-skills and abilities of social planning.

As noted by Yu Ogloblina, the relevance of the project is obvious. According to the survey of the Russian popular Front, 72% of the agricultural enterprises in Russia complain about the shortage of specialists. Despite the fact that every year in 54 of the agricultural College received more than 40 thousand people, personnel issues in the agricultural sector persists.

"We have to say that a profession in the field of agriculture unpopular, and students and graduates of agricultural universities are not ready to self-development and working in the profession. This is evidenced by a survey among students of agrarian higher educational institutions of Moscow. It was attended by a thousand people, and almost 78% of them said that they lacked knowledge and competencies to implement their initiatives. Our project is about", – said Ogloblin, Yu.

Since the beginning of the project "way to success" it's been 8 industry webinar involving the experts. The dialogue platform was organized on the sidelines of the Forum of rural initiatives, which was held RSSM in the framework of the Russian agricultural exhibition "Golden autumn". The students discussed the issues of employment, opportunities of self-realization in a rural area, and social activity. In search of answers to questions helped them opinion leaders, well-known representatives of non-profit organizations and business. As part of the "On the road to success" held focus groups and round tables with the participants of the project, where, together with experts, they discuss directions of development of agriculture and the profession of the future.

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