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F 2650 waiting for Your voice!
They launched the online voting for the title of "car of the year 2020" in Germany on the official website of the project. The top three finalists emerged baler machine Rostselmash. The voting will last until 10 November 23.59.
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Agromashina from Rostselmash – F 2650 – a leader in the nomination "Car of the year 2020" in Germany.

To vote, follow the link https://www.machineoftheyear.de/en/contestants/rostselmash-rsm-f-2650-2/. To cast your vote every 24 hours.

"We value our German farmers. Rostselmash is a serious scientific developments, which form the basis for the creation of demand in the world of tractors, grain and forage harvesters, other agromashin", - said the representative of Rostselmash.

F 2650 processor designed from scratch, based on the experience gained by the Rostselmash company over the years of production and operation of previous generations of harvesters. When the design was laid a margin of safety given the increased capacity requirements of the machines.



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