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In the Voronezh region harvested 4 million tons of sugar beet
4.23 million tons of sugar beet farmers gathered in Voronezh region on October 23, REGNUM was informed in management on interaction with mass media and administrative work of the government of the Voronezh region. On 23 October, the region has already harvested 67% of areas are given under sugar beet is 89.5 thousand hectares.
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In 2018 at the same date were collected 3.64 million tons. The yield of culture in 2019 on average 472,9 dt/ha in 2018 — 366,6 kg/ha. Leaders this year, as the yield of steel Kalacheevskiy, Khokholskiy, Semiluki, Paninskaya, Novousmanskiy, Talovsky districts: they yield more than 500 kg/ha. In the Anninsky district collected 421,6 thousand tons — 10% of the total yield of the area. High fees in the Liskinsky Novoaleksandrovka, Talovskaya, Gribanovskiy, Buturlinovskiy'skiy and Semiluksky districts of the region.

Sugar mills operating in the region, according to 23 Oct prepared of 3.31 million tonnes of sugar beet, processed of 2.38 million tons, produced 358 thousand tons of sugar. The output of sugar in the average for the region is of 15.27% by weight of the processed beet. Today, the remains solopenko 892 thousand tons, every day here comes 78-80 thousand tons of raw materials, processed 41-43 thousand tons.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, in September at a meeting chaired by Governor Alexander Gusev became aware of the plans to eliminate the region's own varieties of sugar beet: while the share of imported seeds is 99% and plans to bring varieties that are 100% will cover the needs of regional manufacturers.






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