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The market for organic food plan to develop in the Rostov region
In the legislative Assembly of the region can make appropriate laws.
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According to the newspaper Donnews, in Neklinovsky district deputies, representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor and representatives of municipalities, Executive authorities and local producers gathered at the round table. The meeting discussed the development of the market of ecologically clean agricultural products on the territory of the Rostov region.

In 2020 come into force the Federal law on organic products and regional law on development of agriculture in the Rostov region, which provides goodpicture niche of eco-products.

In Russia the market of organic food began to grow in 2018. Its volume amounted to 6 billion rubles. During the year this indicator increased by 8.2%.

"Given the natural and human resources, organic agriculture could become a promising new niche for Russia in General and the don region – as one of the largest agricultural regions of the country",– said the Deputy of the don Parliament Vyacheslav Vasilenko.

Deputies also noted that all the ideas voiced at the round table, will be sent to the corresponding departments and ministries.

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