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The Deputy Director of the Association "Rosspetsmash" led the Committee on the tractors in the framework of the global exchange statistics
Deputy Director of the Association "Rosspetsmash" Vyacheslav Pronin headed the Committee on agricultural tractors, which operates in the framework of the global exchange of statistics in the direction of agricultural engineering, Agrievolution Statistic Program.
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This decision was taken following the meeting in Germany the next meeting of the program participants, including representatives of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The event was held at the CLAAS plant in Harsewinkel.

The main theme of the meeting was improving the quality of global statistics. Experts aimed at attracting a growing number of program participants. This will not only increase the transparency of statistical data, but also to make the predictability of the world market more accurate.

According to Vyacheslav Pronin, Association "Rosspetsmash" working hard, collecting, processing and analyzing statistical data on production in Russia, shipments to the domestic market and exports not only agricultural machinery, but also road-building, municipal, trailers and food equipment. Information presented in a single, closed database on the Internet-portal "Rosspetsmash-Stat".

Data provide real-time tracking market conditions and the situation of the producers below if you are experiencing difficulty were able to react quickly, at the state and engineers in the solution of existing problems.

Association "Rosspetsmash" is an active member of Agrievolution Statistic Program. Currently, the program collects statistics on the five segments of agricultural machinery: tractors, combine and forage harvesters, and two types of balers. Plans to cover all major areas of production of agricultural machinery.

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