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Belarusian experts explained the influx of food imports from Russia
The Council of Ministers of Belarus is concerned about the rapid growth of food imports from Russia. Opposition newspaper UDF. BY interviewed experts, find out the cause of surrendering the products manufactured in Belarus.
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According to the co-chair of the Republican Confederation of entrepreneurship Viktor Margelov, the problem with the increase in food imports occurred due to changes in the structure of Belarusian trade. He said: "From a balanced structure, we turn to the monopoly of large retailers. Naturally, they try to optimize their profits: if somewhere you can buy cheaper non-goods, then they are doing it. Sometimes they complement domestic products, and sometimes all it replaced".


"Some of the imported goods on the shelves even more than the Belarusian. If nothing is done, the trend of increase in imports will rapidly continue. Just today was in a newly opened shopping centre — supermarket share of imported food products is clearly close to 50%," — said Margelov.

In his opinion, advertising affects consumer behavior and a number of other factors — down to layout on the counter. "The behavior of people easy to manipulate," he said.

Margelov is sure that the state concern "Belgospischeprom" does not correct the situation, will help the Ministry of Antimonopoly regulation and trade (MARCH). He also stated: "we Have superliberalnaya legislation that allows for the expansion of foreign trade networks, foreign goods to the detriment of Belarus."

Not everyone agrees with the view that in Belarus "superliberalnaya the law." Economist LEU Marholin just explained the reason for the sales growth of imported food — it's cheaper than Belarusian.

"And in terms of when you have to survive on a salary or pension, any reduction in the price to the buyer is significant," he explained.

To explain the cost advantage of imports, according to Margolin, "only one thing — inefficiency of our Belarusian economy." In his opinion, with the import authorities will struggle traditional ways:


"The only way the authorities know and are able to apply different types of restrictions. But keep in mind that to use them against Russian goods harder — they themselves have signed various integration documents, one in the neck wasn't pushed. So maybe retailers will give an indication to limit the import of Russian goods — but will do so without official announcements. And encroachments of other countries to understand will be even easier."


Photo: Agricultural portal

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