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On Sakhalin the more expensive food, but cheaper foreign tourism
In the Sakhalin region rose food and some services. Cheaper in the region began to use consumer loans to go on holiday abroad, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.
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Tomatoes on the Islands has risen by 17.5 per cent, a kilogram costs about 177 rubles, cucumbers rose by 65% the cost of a kilogram of 133 rubles.

Fruit, the most expensive bananas — by 9.3%, more than 115 rubles per kilogram, oranges went up by 6% and are now over 188 rubles per kilogram. But apples, lemons, pears and grapes become cheaper — reduced from 0.1% to 2.8%.

The Islands have risen in price groats buckwheat folk — 3.9%, and rice became more expensive by 1.3%.

Slightly, no more than 1.1% more expensive meat products, mainly beef and pork and chickens.

Also, slightly more expensive fish, salted, smoked, 1.6%, on average, a kilogram of wheat costs on Sakhalin about 633 rubles. Whole round frozen fish rose by 1.1%, costing an average of just over 102 rubles per kilogram.

0.4% rose bread and bakery products and juices. 0.5% of rose butter.

Rose men's and women's seasonal clothing, as well as children, including school clothes — the increase from 1.1% to 11.8%.

Growth services "Mail of Russia". The average fee for a parcel within the Russian Federation grew by 9.2%.

Fee for the use of consumer credit fell by 1.3%, prices in the sphere of foreign tourism fell by 4%.

As reported IA REGNUM, on Sakhalin expensive gasoline and diesel fuel. Gasoline rose by an average of 20— 5 cents, diesel oil from 1 ruble 65 kopeks.

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Friday, 04 September 2020
Thursday, 03 September 2020
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