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John Deere and LLC "Eco-Niva-Chernozemye" gave a modern tractor 6095B Voronezh agricultural University
The John Deere company, together with the "EkoNiva-Chernozemye" donated Voronezh state agrarian University. Emperor Peter I of modern wheeled tractor 6095B.
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Solemn ceremony of transfer took place on 1 November, in the presence of the rector of the University Nikolai Ivanovich program, Vice-rector on scientific work V. A. Gulevsky and the Dean of agricultural engineering faculty of Vladimir Ivanovich Robinsova.

Tractor 6095B a universal machine with a capacity of 95 HP, which is characterized by smooth operation, fuel efficiency, comfort and ease of operation. Dimensions, support, chassis, wheelbase and flexible ballasting of the tractor, make it an optimal choice for any types of work.

The tractor will be used in the learning process of students of agricultural engineering faculty. Due to this they will be able to learn the practical skills of handling modern techniques used in advanced economies. This will enhance their qualifications and enable them to become literate in demand. This is not the first experience of cooperation between John Deere and the VSAU: in 2015, the company has given to the University tractor John Deere 6530, which was conducted more than 30 labs.

"The personnel problem is in the agricultural sector is very acute: on the one hand, young professionals are not enough, on the other hand, they often come into the field with knowledge of theory but without practical experience, which they have to during work. We hope that the opportunity to work with modern machinery such as tractor 6095B, will help them to acquire the necessary skills during their studies at the University that will increase their value in the labor market", – said Elena Lobova, senior territorial Manager for after-sales support of John Deere.

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