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«Калининградская мясная компания» увеличила заготовку кукурузного силоса до 295 тысяч тонн в 2019 году
«Калининградская мясная компания», входит в АПХ «Мираторг», сообщает, что в соответствии с агротехнологическими сроками завершила уборку кукурузы, увеличив объем заготовки силоса до 295 тысяч тонн в 2019 году.
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"Miratorg" in accordance with the interregional specialization implements in the Kaliningrad region the main stages of the project of beef cattle: feed production, herd reproduction, rearing and fattening calves to a desired weight to send to the sites of corn-fed (ranking). Livestock beef cattle breed Aberdeen Angus on 12 farms in the region has 80 thousand heads. To give the animals adequate nutrition in winter, every year the company expands the acreage of forage crops, returning the turnover of the acquired land, and increasing the amount of harvesting of haylage, silage, hay, and grain feed.

Corn silage is a key component of the winter diet of the Aberdeen-Angus, which contributes to the normative gain of the animals. To meet the demand of farms to feed the specialists of plant division prepared approximately 295 thousand tons of corn silage harvest on the area of 8 thousand hectares. These stocks along with other forage will allow the animal to successfully conduct the winter.

"The development of own diversified forage is not only the key to high quality marbled beef, but also one of the key factors in reducing the cost of the final product. Crop – starting point of the project of beef cattle. We continue to invest in the technical equipment of the plant division and the latest agricultural technologies to increase the efficient use of farmland," commented the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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