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In Russia fell pork
A sharp decline in pork prices in Russia reported by large manufacturers, 12 Nov RBC.
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The information received from the group and other major manufacturers. According to Cherkizovo for the year, pork prices dropped by 14%.


As the head of the National swine Union Yuri Kovalyov, wholesale prices for the year fell by seven to eight percent. And some suppliers of pork fell even more.

So, Rusagro for the third quarter of this year the price decreased by 23%, and from January to October — 14%. Prices have fallen, the newspaper notes, and retailers of pork fell by almost one percent per year, according to the Oct.

While beef has risen in price in retail almost six percent, chicken — by one percent.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, in Russia began to buy more grains and less fresh vegetables due to the cost of the latter.

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