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Scientists VGNKI spoke at the international Symposium on food analysis in Czech Republic
From 4 to 8 November in Prague hosted the 9th international Symposium on recent advances in food analysis (RAFA 2019). As a platform for exchange of knowledge in the study of a wide range of food contaminants, the event attracted representatives from the leading control institutions, public and private laboratories, manufacturers of laboratory equipment and consumables.
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Scientists from around the world were touched upon such topical issues of our time, as mycotoxins and marine toxins; industrial contaminants; pesticides and residues of veterinary drugs, allergens, micro-plastic, and also a lot of attention participants paid to the definition of authenticity of food products and conduct biomonitoring.

The speakers were representatives of the joint research centre of the European Commission (Belgium), Scientific research reference centre, and University of Wageningen (Netherlands), Federal Institute for risk assessment (Germany), research Center of food production (Italy).

Their work was presented by the staff of the division of control over the content of persistent organic pollutants in feed and food raw material, of the Department of safety of feed and feed additives VGNKI Alexander Sorokin, Alexander Koushkani, Anastasia Priyma and Christina Buckeye. Specialists told about the detection of residues of drugs in food products of animal origin and detection of pesticides in the body of bees.

Also during the Symposium, guests attended lectures and seminars from manufacturers of measuring instruments to maintain relevant knowledge about the capabilities of modern equipment in the field of quantitative and qualitative analysis for a wide range of analytes.

Ecological situation increases the problems of contamination of food and food raw materials xenobiotics chemical and biological origin. That is why these meetings of scientists were of immense importance for the scientific community – analysis of a wide range of food contaminants and the exchange of experience allow us to work together to solve the pressing problems of our time, in particular, attracting the attention of industry leading institutions and organizations from around the world.

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