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Russia has presented Europe domestic innovative forage harvester
Rostselmash, part of the Association "Rosspetsmash", introduced farmers from all over Europe innovative forage harvester F2650 – a new product in the company's portfolio. The presentation will take place in Germany at the world's largest exhibition of agricultural machinery AGRITECHNICA 2019.
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The F-series is represented by two models is less as F1300, and more like F2650 performance. Unites them and a global platform for developing all the latest models of machinery Rostselmash.

Forage harvesters F series were designed for the intellectualization of modern farming, so they implemented the possibility to automate many processes: Autonomous unloading, automotoive the rows, auto-tuning of any preservative and emergency stop before an obstacle. It's really smart machines that understand not just the operator at a glance, or rather, to polkomandy, and take responsibility for a number of important processes.

Visitors of "Agritechnica" represent the three key systems: RSMIQDoser - a system of automatic dosing of silage additives depending on humidity, dry weight of crop harvested and the productivity of the harvester; RSMAutoSharp system automatically informs the operator about the need knife sharpening or adjustment of a grinding stone; RSMSynSpeed system of automatic control of speed of movement of the harvester and engine speed depending on agricultural conditions and load for maximum fuel economy.

In the basic configuration, in addition, the remote monitoring system Agrotronic – it conveys information about eighty parameters and allows the fleet owner to accurately control the operation of machines.

The pavilion Rostselmash F2650 interested in the first place, representatives of large farms and agricultural holdings – this machine is optimal for fields with medium and high productivity and is able to remove all types of being siloed fodder crops. Use F2650 promises substantial savings. The model, moreover, the richest, compared with classmates, basic equipment, including automatic control system and ponastroit.

Mass production F2650 starts this season, and the company is already accepting applications. At the end of the exhibition it is expected that there will be many.

At AGRITECHNICA 2019 works record size of the national pavilion of Russia.

The exposition area of over 2 thousand square meters combined 26 domestic manufacturers, which will present in Germany, 55 units of machinery and equipment at the world's largest exhibition of agricultural machinery AGRITECHNICA. Among agricultural presented the world premiere, including not having analogues.

Organizer of participation of enterprises at AGRITECHNICA 2019 speaks Russian export centre operator - Association "Rosspetsmash" with the support of Ministry of industry and trade.

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