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"Rosgosstrakh" insured cattle-breeding complex and a milk processing plant in the region for 1 billion rubles
Branch of "Rosgosstrakh" in the Tyumen region became the winner of the electronic auction for the right to provide insurance services property management development of rural territories of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district.
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Under the terms of the contract, constructive elements, engineering equipment, exterior and interior breeding complex in the settlement of Aksarka and shop on processing milk in Salekhard insured on a full package of risks, including fire, lightning, natural disasters, explosion, damage by water, illegal actions of third parties etc.

Both insured in "Rosgosstrakh" object make a significant contribution to the development of agriculture on the Yamal Peninsula. Cattle-breeding complex equipped for the breeding of cattle, production of meat and milk. The complex includes a barn, milking parlor, milk receiver, a maternity pen and calf-house, as well as other production facilities. The milk processing plant provides the residents of the Yamal natural fresh dairy products: milk, kefir, sour cream and low fat cottage cheese. The products are also supplied to social institutions and Salekhard, Priuralsky district.

The total liability of the company "Rosgosstrakh" has made about 1 billion rubles.

"Agricultural production needs the same financial protection as any other type of business, — the Director of the Tyumen branch of "Rosgosstrakh" Andrey Shrikes. Insurance helps protect the owner from significant financial damage as a result of damage or total loss of the property of the enterprise."

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