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Altai Krai for 9 months of increased exports of agricultural products 1.5 times
The exports of agricultural products of the Altai territory in January-September grew by 1.45 times and reached $179,7 million, according to regional management in food processing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
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In General, this year the region, according to the implementation plan of the national project to increase exports of agricultural products must be transported outside of the country of agricultural products in the amount of $235.1 million In the first 9 months, the figure is 76%.



In addition, at the end of last week the meeting of the interdepartmental working group on realization of the regional project "the Export of agricultural products" noted that the portion of data not included in the statistics of shipments.



So, Altai customs considers the volume of trade with members of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU) on the basis of the provided data (statistical forms) by exporters, which do not always provide such information.



"To better reflect the quantity of exports of agricultural products, the working group decided to inform the exporters of the Altai territory on the need for timely submission to the Altai customs reliable statistical forms for shipments to the States of the Eurasian economic Union", - stated in the message.



Earlier it was reported that by 2025, Altai Krai obliged to double the export of agricultural products to the level of 2018, which in monetary terms amounted to $501 million a year.

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