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The Ministry of agriculture of Turkey: we will make our agriculture a global brand
The Minister of agriculture and forestry of the Turkish Republic Bekir of Pakdemirli spoke at the opening of the 3rd Council of agriculture and forestry in Ankara.
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He said: "around the world, agriculture is undergoing change and transformation. By 2050 the world population will approach 10 billion people and to feed him, the food production must increase by 50%."

According to Turkish news Agency Anadolu Ajansı, Bekir of Pakdemirli said: "a Similar picture is true for our country. For this reason, our farmers and producers is entrusted with an important task. God willing, your efforts, hands and work together we can make agriculture Turkey's world brand".The Minister added: "We need to create special conditions for young people in agriculture, more support for women entrepreneurs. Because I know, Lord, do not hold it against me, that if you in their fields of work hours, then your wife — three".


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