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Strategie Grains downgraded its assessment of the wheat area in the EU increased for barley
Company Strategie Grains downgraded its assessment of the area wheat crop next year in the European Union after heavy rains interrupted field work in the Western EU countries.
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In its monthly report, a French research company has estimated the soft wheat area in the EU in 2020, 23.7 million hectares, which is 200,000 hectares lower than the initial forecast in October and lower than the 23.8 million hectares this year.

"This reduction mainly because of the delayed harvesting of winter crops due to wet weather in the UK and, to a lesser extent, in France, as farmers are unable to produce flooding on the North fields", — stated in the message.

In its first forecast last month, Strategie Grains had forecast an unchanged area of wheat, a decrease of 3% for winter barley, a reduction of 4% for spring barley and an increase of 2% for corn.

Other analysts also pointed to heavy rains last month as a risk factor for seeding of wheat and barley in anticipation of winter.

Strategie Grains reports that wet conditions have also reduced expectations for sowing of winter barley in the UK and France.

However, the company increased its overall Outlook on the area of barley in the EU next year, citing the successful sowing of winter barley in Germany and the prospect of transition of some farmers from winter barley to spring barley in the UK and France.

The forecast for total area of barley in the EU for 2020 has been increased by about 200,000 hectares to 12.0 million, although it is still below estimates of the current year, equal to 12.2 million

Company Strategie Grains have slightly lowered their forecasts for the ratio of the area of maize in 2020, but continues to expect an increase of 2% compared to the current year to 8.8 million hectares.

In the preliminary production forecast for 2020 based on long-term trends of productivity, the firm estimated that the production of wheat can reach 142,3 million tons against at 145.5 million this year.

Barley production in the EU, according to the forecast of the Agency, will amount to 59.6 million tons compared to 61.6 million this year, while corn production will reach 64.8 million tonnes, compared with 63.5 million, expected in 2019.

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