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The export by sea of Azov is paralysed from-for a strong wind
Strong wind in Rostov region, which does not stop for a second week, has had a influence on the freight market of Azov region.
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In the region of Rostov, or it got stuck about 80 ships access to the ports of Azov and Rostov-on-don was closed. The water level to a critical established until the Kochetovsky hydrosystem-on-don.

So far, the weather has influenced the freight rates slightly, as now and without this observed low activity of traders due to high export price of grain. Charterers are satisfied with the price 17 — $ 18 per tonne of wheat from Rostov to Samsun. Shipowners call another number: 19 – $ 20.

But yet due to adverse weather situation, the fleet is idle, the negotiations are going slowly. As experts assume, the consequences of downtime of vessels backfire traders in two weeks.

Meanwhile, in Volgograd, the gateway can extend to 10 Dec: this is necessary in order that the exporters were able to ship more cargo from the Volgograd and Saratov region. One condition: in the Volgograd region should remain acceptable weather. If the weather will allow, the gateway will operate in commercial mode. A day passing on it the court will have to pay a total of 150 thousand rubles.


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