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Prices on sunflower in Russia began to rise the first time since September
Sunflower prices on the Russian domestic market last week began to rise for the first time since mid-September, according to the monitoring of the analytical centre "Sovekon".
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The increase amounted to 250 rubles per ton up to 15800 R/t Over the previous 2.5 months prices have fallen by 23%. Refineries raised the price of 100-300 R/T.

According to "SovEcon", the export of Russian sunflower in November may be about 70 thousand tons, one and a half times higher than in October. Since the beginning of the season export is estimated at 115 thousand tons. Overall this season, Russia may export nearly 0.5 mln tonnes of sunflower, which will be the highest level since 2000/01.

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