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Kovrov Electromechanical plant continues the process of localization of the tractor ANT 4135 F
Kovrov Electromechanical plant (KEMZ, member of the Association "Rosspetsmash") continues the process of localization of the tractor ANT 4135 F. Replace foreign components of domestic entails cost reduction and change of appearance of the traction machine of the second class.
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The first agricultural tractors equipped with the new cabin, glazing, plastic interior parts, a hood (with a partial change in appearance and color), produced by enterprises of the Vladimir region (the company of Vladimir, kameshkovo, Gus-Crystal) will go on public sale.

By the end of the current year, modifications to the fuel tank. In the Russian version, its volume will increase by 20 litres, which is two hours will extend operation without refueling tractors and will average 10-12 hours of continuous operation.

"The changes meet the project schedule dictated by the requirements of the implementation of SPIK for the year 2019, said Deputy General Director for strategy, innovation and development NGO "Precision complexes" Alexander the turf. – A special investment contract concluded between the holding company and the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation in 2018, is the early recognition of the domestic origin of the tractor that gives you the opportunity to sell this equipment through the Rosagroleasing".

With the participation of the largest leasing companies with state participation of the Russian Federation in the agricultural sector has already sold more than 60 units of tractors ANT 4135 F. Two tractors with an updated look already found a buyer and will soon be shipped to the end user.

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