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NSA and the Ministry of agriculture of the Novosibirsk region signed an agreement on joint development of agricultural insurance
On 28 November, the Ministry of agriculture of the Novosibirsk region and the national Union of agricultural insurers signed a cooperation agreement.
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In particular, the document envisages joint work on a roadmap of measures for the development of agricultural insurance in the region, which will be based next steps.

"According to the NSA, risk insurance for crop and livestock production in the Novosibirsk region is at an early stage of development, – says the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov. For 10 months of 2019 here were insured, only 15 thousand hectares of farmland. At the same time this figure shows the fundamental restoration of the practice of crop insurance in the region after zero in 2018. Also in the Novosibirsk region develops insurance of farm animals. By 1 November in the region was secured by insurance on the terms of state support 56 thousand heads of farm animals, more than double the figure for the same period last year".

The agreement on cooperation of the Union and the Ministry was signed in the framework of the IV Novosibirsk agri-food forum and the international agro-industrial exhibition "Siberian agricultural week", organized by the government and the Ministry of agriculture of the Novosibirsk region.

During the exhibition, the regional Ministry of agriculture in conjunction with the NSA held a round table on the theme "agricultural Insurance: an effective tool of risk management." The event was held on 28 November under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Novosibirsk region Svetlana Nevzorova. Participation in the round table was attended by representatives of the agribusiness and insurance companies-members of the NSA: JSC "AlfaInsurance", OOO WITH "True", the JSC "Alfa insurance", IC "Rosselkhozbank-Insurance," LLC IC "Soglasie" JSC SAK Energogarant. The main topics of discussion were the key trends in the Russian system of agricultural insurance, methods of familiarizing the farmers with the possibilities of this system, and innovations of the insurance legislation. To continue an active dialogue with the agricultural producers of the region of NSA planning meetings on the eve of spring sowing in 2020.

"Siberian agricultural week" held in Novosibirsk from 27 to 29 November, attended by representatives of 35 regions of Russia – about 170 companies.

According to the Federal law No. 260-F3 "On state support in agricultural insurance", in Russia in the framework of a centralized system the government provides support to risk insurance of crop, livestock and commercial aquaculture. From 1 January 2016 at the market of agricultural insurance with state support is a single national Association, the national Union of agricultural insurers.

In 2018, the Law "On state support in agricultural insurance..." №260-FZ changes were made, the purpose of which were the flexibility and the diversity of conditions present. The law came into force on 1 March 2019.

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