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Brand "Rococo" held a lecture for immersive bloggers
Together with the official representative in Russia of the international NGO Slow Food Victor Michaelson brand Group "PRODO" "Rococo" organized an event for bloggers and media representatives.
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The main theme of the lecture: a conscious approach to the choice of food in 2020, and trends in this direction. Company Slow Food advocates that the maximum number of people had the ability and desire to choose a quality food, enjoy food. Another important principle that food should be not only useful, but also profitable to producers and not to bring harm to the planet.

The partnership with Slow Food has developed not casually. All of these principles are very close to brand "Rococo", they are the work of enterprises producing products under this trademark.

Constant improvement of technologies, equipment modernization, production of new products unique are all integral parts of life brand. The culinary products line "Rococo" can significantly ease the process of cooking delicious dishes. All assortments of natural ingredients, balanced flavor, well-chosen bouquet of spices.

All those present at the lecture had the opportunity to dive into the world of their own sensations: the practical part was aimed at the disclosure of taste and smell receptors. And many were surprised how can feel the taste and smell of a man, if you follow the simple rules. In the final presentation of the culinary line "Rococo" which has delighted all participants.


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Friday, 22 January 2021
Thursday, 21 January 2021
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